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દ્વારકાના દરિયામાં હવે માણી શકાશે ક્રૂઝની મજા, વિદેશની જેમ લોકો પાણીમાં જોઈ શકશે ડોલ્ફીન!


Hello friends here we are going to talk about an application which is very popular now and many people are using it and moving in share market so speaking share market is a market where research is very much needed. We cannot suddenly jump into it, otherwise we have to suffer a big loss, but if we do good research and systematic information and fall in the share market, then there is a hundred percent profit in the long run. Here we are telling you about such an application. With which you can start share market and that too with less risk.seeing it.









This article will be useful for those people and this

Now a days as everyone knows IPOs come out in the stock market and many people invest in the IPO and fill the IPO before the IPO company allots the shares to the institutional investors. They are called anchor investors and their investment amount is more than 100 crores

દ્વારકામાં શરૂ થશે ડોલ્ફિન ક્રૂઝ અહીંથી વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુઝ 

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If we got shares in IPO we can distribute those shares on the day of listing but anchor investors do not allow to sell their shares before the end of the lock-in period which is usually 30 days after listing.

If any stock is listed with a good high price then anchor investors will try to exit the stock on the day the locking period ends to book profit and invest that money in another ipo or stock they get 60 to 70% return in fifteen days.

So on that day short case market shares share with next day high stock loso ever or next day work also depending on IPO size recently I have zomato short sale on that day anchor investors can share their share next day also its work today my Have a brief idea of ​​philosophical pharma

Here I have shared my personal experiences with you I have installed this app to invest in IPO and through it I am slowly progressing and can keep a foot forward in the share market For any friends who want to keep a foot in the share market They can install this application with a small budget and with less investment and less risk and through this they can gradually grow further in the city market.



Install UPstok App

Install Angel One App






This article will be useful for those people and this application placed here will be useful for those people who want to fill IPO in share market and want to invest themselves in IPO. Kindly request to share this useful application

Note  : Investing or trading in share market is risky so don’t jump do your own research and only then move into share market

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