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વહાલી દીકરી યોજના

Dear Daughter Yojana Complete Details.


  • Dear Daughter Yojana is a new initiative launched to protect daughters in which the state government has allocated a total budget of 133 crores under the Dear Daughter Yojana in the year 2022.
Who can benefit from the dear daughter scheme?
  • It is mandatory to be from Gujarat to get benefits under Wahali Dotti Yojana, every family living in any city or rural area of ​​Gujarat state is eligible to benefit from this scheme.
How many daughters will be able to get the benefit of the dear daughter scheme.
  • The benefit of Wahali Dhotri Yojana is eligible up to the first two daughters born in the family 
How much will be the benefit of dear daughter scheme?
  • A daughter born in the family under Wahali Dotti Yojana is eligible to get a total assistance of 1 lakh 10 thousand in total three installments which are as follows
  1. 4,000 in aid when the daughter enters the first standard
  2. 6,000 in aid when the daughter enters the 9th standard and 
  3. When the daughter completes 18 years, financial assistance of 1 lakh is eligible for a total of 1 lakh 10 thousand.
Dear Daughter Scheme General Information
  • Here we feel blessed to tell our readers friends that the dear daughter scheme launched by the government is really a commendable decision, many families feel depressed with the birth of a child as the cost of educating and marrying them is a burden on the parents as in today’s inflation. A normal family cannot educate a son, how can they educate the graduates, because this society has been hypocritical and stereotypical for the graduates since the beginning, but now the times have changed, the daughters who have sons have come forward and the concept of equality between sons and daughters is common to most of the people. Adopted by the family. A daughter is an avatar of Lakshmi, an educated daughter is two kul and tare, so every family must emphasize on the education of their daughter.
Here you have been given general information about the beloved daughter scheme and how much rupees are available under this scheme and also the application form has been placed here to take advantage of this scheme. Hope you will find it useful.
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