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Know the correct way to check expiry date of LPG gas cylinder

Expiration date of LPG gas cylinder is also correct to check

Liquid fire petroleum gas is used in today’s cities as well as in every rural area. At one stage women used to cook food on tar and dung fuel but now times have changed so most of the houses cook on gas. LPG is as dangerous as possible. Valan silap being a substance you can become a victim of accident if you are careless while using it. You will often read about incidents with gas cylinders so it is very important that you also take some precautions while using it. going to give tips about proper usage one of which is to check the expiry date of gas cylinder yes friends you will be a little surprised to hear how the expiry date of lpg gas can be from the time we take the country bottle till the gate gas bottle is full how If you want to check the date of LPG gas, we are hereGiving you the necessary guidance about how to check the expiry date of any bottle that comes to your home and how long to use this bottle is safe.

Always check the expiry date of the gas cylinder

Whenever a new bottle of gas cylinder arrives at your house, make sure that you are not getting a gas cylinder with an expiry date and see that the cause of accidents at home due to gas cylinders is not the reason for using gas with this expiry date and thus expiry of cylinders by petroleum companies. Always keep in mind but then as a conscious consumer it is very important to check because in cases of black marketing how many cylinders escape the security check and accidentally no such expiring gas cylinders reach your home because of the gas cylinders. Checking the expiry date is becoming very important and is not a difficult task so just keep in mind some letters written on the gas cylinder at your home.

How to Check Expiry Date of Gas Cylinder

Friends you may know or women in your house may know that on the inner side of any gas bottle where we raise our heads, you find some numbers written in which ABC and D and some numbers are written behind them. You can check the expiry date of the gas cylinder

You can check the expiry date of any gas from the letter ABCD written on the top of the gas cylinder and from the letters written along with it, A means January to March and B means April to June similarly C means July to September. And similarly letter D stands for October to December so any letter of ABCD written on any gas cylinder shows three month expiry date of that gas which is from January to December respectively Now here you can see some letters written along with ABCD which indicates the year of the cylinder of that country For example if any gas cylinder has A 22 written on it, it means that the expiry date of the gas cylinder of that gas cylinder is from January 2022 to March 2022 so the expiry date written on any gas cylinder is ABCD and behind it The number being written can be known from above and it is three monthsExpiration can last up to 3 months and it is safe to use this gas and it is imperative that in any country when the bottle reaches your home, immediately you should check this ABCD number written on the gas bottle and the letters given along with it and from the expiry date. It is very important to check how far the bottle is

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Here you are given the very necessary information about how to check the expiry date of the cooking gas LPG gas cylinder we use at home.

 Hope this information will be very useful for you and everyone will get this information for the first time. Expiry date subject is not known so share this article more and make everyone aware and save from home accident due to gas cylinder.

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