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Kidney Health Tips For People

  Assistance from Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to meet the cost of treatment/ operation of kidney heart cancer and liver disease. .

From the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to cover the cost of treatment of patients suffering from kidney disease, heart disease, cancer or any kind of liver disease who are natives of Gujarat or if they have to undergo a major operation. The scheme of providing assistance is working, its necessary information is given in this article, so every reader friends is kindly requested to read this information till the end and the information is very useful so share this information more and more in every group of the society and reach the needy people. Be helpful in conveying such information.

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કિડની વિશે અગત્યની માહિતી વાચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Friends, now we know that many people are suffering from chronic diseases and their expensive expenses cost their and their family’s lifetime capital in hospitals, and due to sudden illnesses, people spend their entire life’s earnings in hospitals and spend their entire lives in hospitals. Funds go towards hospital expenses

There are many people in the society who cannot afford such expensive dental expenses and it is time to lose a personal member of the family, such expensive dental operations and due to not being able to treat such diseases in time, many people’s loved ones die.

 Here we are going to inform everyone about a necessary information through which any person of every society who has serious diseases like kidney, liver, heart and cancer can get financial support from the relief fund of Chief Minister Shri for their treatment and for their expensive surgery. Assistance is provided and expenses of such person including operation are met from the relief fund of Chief Minister Shri

Following is the necessary information on how to get financial assistance for any such treatment or operation from the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and the documents required for this assistance. 

The following documents have to be submitted for assistance from the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to meet the cost of treatment / operation for kidney heart cancer and liver disease.

1) Application : Application for assistance addressed to Hon’ble Chief Minister

2)Case Papers  : Hospital OPD Case Papers and Medical Case Record (xerox copy)

3)Cost estimate: The hospital should provide an original estimate of the treatment or operation cost

4) Doctor’s Certificate : Presenting the relevant doctor’s certificate in original as per the pending operation in the hospital

Note : Cases where (1) operation has already been done or (2) operation has been done before grant of aid will not be considered.

5) Ration Card : Certified copy of ration card with signature coin

6)Income Proof:  Submit the original income proof of the concerned Mamlatdar Mr. regarding the annual income of your family.

7) Affidavit : Submitting the original affidavit in the notary or mamaltdar court on stamp paper of Rs.

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The sample of affidavit can be obtained from the link given bel

Recommendation letter Presenting original recommendation letter from Hon’ble Member of Parliament or Hon’ble MLA regarding providing assistance to the patient from Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (Request to write this recommendation letter in relation to Hon’ble Chief Minister).

Thus, there are very serious and fatal diseases like kidney, heart, liver and cancer and very expensive treatment and operation in these diseases, which financial assistance is provided for treatment and operation from the respective Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, the detailed information about which is given here.

Most of the people in the society are not aware of such information, due to which if any member of their family or household has such a serious illness, their lifetime capital goes to the hospital expenses or due to lack of treatment and operation, a loved one dies prematurely. People from poor families. Due to not being able to undergo such expensive and very expensive operations, family members are often lost, so it is very important that this information reaches everyone in the society and that many people can benefit from such information and help those in need. can save the life of a member of his family, so  kindly request to share this information more and more with your known people as well as your every contact number and your every whatsapp group facebook group for the noble purpose of reaching every needy people.

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