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ઈ નગર સેવા : નગરપાલિકા લગત 52થી વધુ કામ કરો હવે ઘરે બેઠા. નહીં જવું પડે નગરપાલિકા ના ધક્કા ખાવા.

Business Idea : You can earn very big every month from this business in your surrounding area. Business Idea:

Friends, times are changing a lot, young people are leaving their native village and moving towards the city because of education, because of education, and are working in their own lifestyle by staying on rent and building lodging.

Friends, now is the modern era and everyone is constantly trying to raise their standard of living by doing some business. We know that inflation is very high now. There are five or six people in the house and one person is the earner and they are earning whatever amount of money but today. Saving is becoming very difficult in the time of inflation so most of the members of the household have more than one member earning through some business and saving is very important, every parent is worried about the bright future of the children and in the modern era, money is very much to compete with time. There is a need for every parent to earn more and more money through some new business.

Everyone is now thinking which business to start and how to start a business through which one can earn big money in short time but friends as we know hard work is very necessary to earn money. A great effort has been made by us, we will regularly come to you with a new business idea every evening, you will definitely like our business idea, if not today, tomorrow, and you will try it and earn very well, today we are the same. We have brought you a business idea which is as follows.

As discussed earlier in the article, now most of the people are leaving the village and moving towards the city. Business, business, job, study, due to some reason, the youth are moving towards the city and the primary need of everyone who is away from their family is to live and eat. know,

Talking about food, rotli is the main food, rotli is the main need in every city and village of our country, every person eats it, but making roti is a bit of hard work. And it takes time .

ઈ-નગર ઓફિસિયલ પોર્ટલ : અહીં ક્લિક કરો

But as we know now a days machineries are available in the market to make every work easy, here we are going to talk about one such automatic roti making machine that makes fresh hot roti in just a short time from small shop to big big one. This machine is being used everywhere, even in hotels, due to which the labor is less and at the same time, each roti becomes uniform and delicious.

Which company is making automatic roti maker machine

SS company is one in the business that manufactures different types of machinery from small homes to big hotels.This company has developed a fully electric automatic roti maker machine which does not require gas and the machine is small enough to be carried anywhere easily.

This is how the machine works

The roti maker machine kneads 50 kg of flour in just five minutes and prepares rotis in minutes. We just need to add water and flour as per requirement in this machine, that’s it, by automatic roti maker machine take water and flour as per requirement and roll it into dough and small balls and make roti and it comes out hot, keep the roti balls small or big is our choice. If we want to make a small roti, we can keep its size small and if we want to make a slightly bigger roti, we can select a slightly larger size in the machine accordingly.

Big hotels have machines for making roti but in our homes the demand for small roti making machine is also very high.Polymer Company has developed a roti making machine as small as a matchbox which is fully automatic and this machine can only make 500 per hour. It has the capacity to make more rotis and the consumption of gas is also very less.

You can install this roti maker automatic machine at home and start lodging for outsiders living in your vicinity and prepare roti in minutes with less effort and prepare good food and arrange tiffin and earn huge amount per month through parcel facility.

What is the market price of this machine? Nowadays there are many companies producing automatic roti machine maker in India whose market price is very low, a normal roti maker machine will cost you around 35,000 and a smaller tabletop roti maker machine will cost you only around 15000 rupees.

Also this is a single time investment as this machine is so well designed and uses very good material so that it does not get rusted for a long time and the machine does not get any kind of malfunction and you can run it properly for years.

ઈ-નગર ઓફિસિયલ પોર્ટલ : અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Due to the low cost of this machine, now it is being used by small dhabas, lari galla canteens and people for their own homes too. More rotis are made very easily and quickly and women have got many happy families. is

Know about the strength of the machine

T he automatic roti maker machine is made of steel construction so that it lasts for years without getting rust and the roti remains delicious for years. In addition, when the machine breaks down, it is repaired and serviced by major companies all over India. Network is available.

Thank you very much for reading our article, hope you will find this information beneficial, keep visiting our website regularly to read such innovative business ideas and useful articles.

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