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DA HIKE NEWS: newsregarding increase in dearness allowance of employees, dearness allowance will increase by 4 percent.

News about increase in dearness allowance of employees: DA HIKE NEWS : News about increase in dearness allowance of employees has come up by the government. Every year the dearness allowance is increased twice in a year on 1st January and 1st July. Dearness Allowance is paid on basic pay. At present dearness allowance is being given to central employees at 46%. While the possibility of a four percent increase in dearness allowance from January 1 has come up. If dearness allowance is increased by 4% to the central employees by the government, dearness allowance will be 50% of the total basic pay.

Increase in dearness allowance.

Before the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, the central government may give good news regarding the salary hike of the government employees. There are chances that the central government will increase the dearness allowance for the government employees by four percent in the month of March.

Government employees will get good news before the Lok Sabha elections.

Lok Sabha elections are to be held across the country in the month of April and May this year and before this, the central government is likely to give good news to the employees by increasing the dearness allowance. is The increase in dearness allowance will directly benefit lakhs of government employees and pensioners.

How much will your salary increase by four percent increase in dearness allowance?

Suppose that if an employee’s basic salary is ₹40,000 then the DA they are currently getting is 18400 rupees, if DA is increased by four percent then their DA will increase by 1600 rupees to 20000 rupees. And Arias from January to March will also be eligible.

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