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Gujarat best hill station

Gujarat best hill station: In front of this hill station of Gujarat, Seemala Mussoorie is also filled with water, the sea can be seen along with the natural environment.

Gujarat best hill station: Wilson Hill Gujarat: Gujaratis love to travel especially to other states. And also in summer heat people prefer to go to hill stations like Himachal Pradesh Kashmir Manali Mussoorie Abu and these places are the first choice of people. We are going to get the information about the hill stations in Gujarat where after going you will feel like forgetting the hill stations like Abu Manali Kodai Canal Mussoorie and whenever you want to go for a hill station excursion this hill station will be your first choice.

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Gujarat best hill station

We are going to talk about Wilson Hill station in Valsad district. Most people do not know the features of this hill station located in Valsad district. The specialty of this hill station is that you will also get a sea view, once you come to this hill station you will not want to go anywhere else. Wilson Hill Station is a very famous hill station of Gujarat But it is not highlighted much. Even in monsoons, its beauty blossoms 16 a kadai. Hilson Wheel Station is located in Dharmapur, Valsad. And its biggest feature is that it is a hill station completely surrounded by forests. Talking about its location, it is situated near Payangbari Wildlife Sanctuary.

આને પણ વાંચો વિશ્વનું એકમાત્ર પક્ષી જે રિવર્સમાં ઉડે છે જાણો આ પક્ષીની અન્ય ખાસિયતો અને અદભુત પક્ષી નો વીડિયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Wills and hill stations are the only hill stations in Gujarat from which one can see the sea. Let’s know all the information about this hill station where to go easy how to go how many kms what is the best route to go from Valsad etc all information is below. If you are ever going to Valsad, this hill station is a must visit and all the information is placed here to make it easy for you to visit without having to ask anyone.

The construction of Wilson Hills was started during the time of Lord Wilson and Vijay Devji, the last king of Dharampur. Lord Wilson was the Governor of Mumbai at that time and this hill is named Wilson in his memory.

ગુજરાતનું બેસ્ટ હિલ સ્ટેશન

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Wilson Hill Station is situated at an altitude of approximately 750 meters i.e. 2500 feet above sea level. During the hot summer season, this hill station offers a very calm and cool feeling. The winding roads here remain the center of attraction for tourists. Which is in Govt. Here, the wonderful scenery of green hills covered with clouds, springs dripping from every hill in monsoons and pleasant atmosphere and fog enveloping all around attract the tourists. This hill station can be considered a bit smaller compared to Saputara hill station but there is no wrong if you call this hill station as mini Saputara. This hill station is a perfect location if you want to go anywhere.

Distance to Wilson Hill Station

Wilson Hills is situated in Dharampur of Valsad district. The distance of Wilsall Hills from different cities of Gujarat is as follows.

  • 130 km from Surat 120 km
  • 120 km from Saputara
  • 250 km from Mumbai
  • 80km from Navsari
  • 60 km from Valsad
  • 485 km from Ahmedabad And
  • 27 km from Dharampur (out of which 20 km road is spiral.)

Coming to the attractions here, the Birumal temple in the center of the hill is the biggest attraction of Vilsa and Hills, you have to travel for 40 minutes to reach this place.

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