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India’s Cheapest Dry Fruit Market

India’s Cheapest Dry Fruit Market: This is India’s cheapest dry food market where you can get almonds for ₹40 and cashews for ₹30.

India’s Cheapest Dry Fruit Market: Most of the people consume a lot of dry fruits during winter and after the corona card, most of the people have turned to consuming dry fruits.

But buying dry fruits is not easy for everyone as the price of dry food is very high in which the prices of dry fruits like cashews and almonds skyrocket and their prices go up a lot in winters. Most people consume dry fruits during winters to boost immunity and prevent cold. Today we are going to know about a dry fruit market where dry fruits like cashew nuts are available at very cheap prices even in winter.

This is India’s cheapest market for dry fruits

Thus, dry food is in demand throughout the year, but especially in winter, the demand for dry fruit is very high, due to which the price of dry fruit also rises very much during winter. Due to the high cost of dry food, it becomes difficult for the common man to buy it, but there are many markets in the country where dry fruits are now being sold at the price of vegetables.

Everyone should know where such cheap dry food market is located where dry food is available at vegetable prices. As everyone knows, cashew nuts are usually available in the market at the price of 900 to 1000 rupees per kg, but here we are going to know about one such dry food market where dry food is available at a very cheap price.


ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Jamtada Dry Food Market

There is one district in Jharkhand where you will find your favorite dry fruit here under a hundred rupees, the district name is Jamtala. Although we have heard its name online, but Jamtala is also very famous for its cheap cashews and is also known as Kajunagri. Thousands of tons of cashews are produced here every year.

In Jamtala, 40 rupees are available for a kilo of almonds and 30 rupees for a kilo of cashews.

We get 1000 rupees per kg of almonds in the Jamtala dry fruit market at 40 rupees and 900 rupees per kg of cashews here at 30 rupees. The main reason behind finding cheap cashew nuts in Jamtala is that it is produced on a very large scale. In a village of Jamtada, cashew is cultivated in about 50 acres. There are large cashew orchards here.

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