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Gas Indigestion Home Remedies

Gas Indigestion Home Remedies : The child will become intelligent like Einstein Get these three things in milk and consume it.

 Parents of children often mix their children with powdered milk available in the market which contains many types of preventives and chemicals.

Here, through this post, we are giving the information to every parent to mix these three things in milk and drink them, by which the mental development of their children will be very good and the child will be very intelligent.

આને પણ વાંચો : ઘરગથ્થુ ઉપચાર ની માહિતી માટે આ પીડીએફ ડાઉનલોડ કરી લો તમામ પ્રકારના રોગ ની માહિતી મળી જશે

For the physical and mental development of children, there are many tonics available in the market that can be mixed with milk which are also expensive. You will start to see a difference in just one month with formula feeding, this will not only make your baby mentally fit but also physically fit.

Well-known Ayurvedic doctor VK Pandey says that most of the parents are feeding their children with powdered milk available in the market which is full of many preservatives and chemicals instead if you mix nutritious homemade products in the milk and drink it, it will boost the immunity of the children. Will make you smart.

Mix honey in milk and drink it. 

 Dr. VK Pandey says that mixing honey in milk and drinking it is very beneficial. Honey has the property of strengthening the immune system in the body and it also works to make brain cells. is

Mix triphala powder in milk and drink it.

 You can also mix triphala powder with milk and drink it. This triphala powder removes impurities from the body and clears the mind. He further said that many vitamins like vitamin ABC and omega 3 are found in triphala powder which is a boon for the brain.

આને પણ વાંચો : ડાયાબિટીસની બીમારી હોય તો એટલી વસ્તુ કરી લો સુગર રહેશે કંટ્રોલમાં

Folate intake.

You can also make kids eat walnuts. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are especially called brain foods. Walnuts help in building new brain cells.

 Dr VK Pandey says that you can mix your favorite dry food and make a powder. Mix this powder in a spoonful of milk and feed it to your children. This mixture will taste like a protein shake. Dry food powder will help in the formation of new cells throughout the body and brain. Will make the mind sharp.

અગત્યની લિંક

પેટમાં ભારેપણું, ગેસ, અપચો અને બ્લોટિંગને તરત જ દૂર કરી દેશે આ 6 દેશી ઉપચાર, એકવાર કરો ટ્રાય

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