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Don’t touch my phone: If a thief touches your phone, an alarm will sound. The phone can be stolen.

Don’t Touch My Phone: This app is specially developed to protect the phone from thieves. If you want to protect your phone from theft then this app is very useful for you. This application ensures the safety of your phone. This application is designed in a way that is anti-theft.

This app is designed using the most advanced Anti-Pie detector technology, which can identify the persons who are trying to steal your phone, now any thief will intercept and try to steal your mobile from a crowded place. So your mobile alarm will sound and you will know immediately, so that your phone can be protected from theft.

Key features

⭐ You can set the sound you like with different types of sounds ⭐ Easy activation and deactivation of phone alerts ⭐ Option to enable flash mode for alarm, disco and SOS ⭐ Customizable vibration patterns when the phone is ringing ⭐ To adjust the volume for motion alarm ⭐ Setting duration for theft alert ⭐ User friendly full interface which is easy to check and navigate

Explore our sound options

➡️ Police Siren The doorbell rings ➡️ Joyful child’s laughter ➡️ The alarm clock rings ➡️ The train bell rings

📌What can set Don’t Touch My Phone differently?

👍 Detect thieves using Antifake Alarm

Once enabled any touch on your phone triggers the automatic activation of the phone alarm. You have the flexibility to personalize the flashboard by choosing a disco flashlight or an SOS flash alert. Additionally you can choose from three vibration modes vibration heartbeat and tiktok whenever ringing. Adjust the volume and set the duration for the anti-theft siren according to your preferences.

👍 Protect your phone’s privacy

This application ensures privacy protection to your device. Unauthorized access to your phone is prevented by alarming and activating. Security LR offers comprehensive protection for all your private data. Eliminates worries when leaving your phone unattended on the sofa.

👍 Protect your phone against theft

When you are traveling abroad, pick pocketing can be a concern on the street. However with this anti theft siren app such worries will not bother you anymore. You no longer have to worry about your mobile being stolen when you are in a crowded place in a temple or in a fair or in a stadium for a cricket match. The app effectively protects your phone from pick pocketing through its Moson alarm system.

👌 How it works

don’t touch my phone Alarm is extremely user-friendly. After downloading the app you need to give it necessary permissions for it to work properly. Follow the steps below to make the necessary settings.

▪️Choose a favorite ringing sound.

▪️Customize duration and adjust volume Select flash mode and vibrate setting.

▪️Apply changes Return to the home screen and tap to enable or disable the alert.

Using this app provides a convenient method to protect your phone against theft and hacking. With the help of the app you can make sure that you never misplace your device. Experience enhanced phone security by trying Don’t Touch My Phone today.

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