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Home remedies for gas, acidity and constipation

Home remedies for the three biggest problems of gas, acidity and constipation. Try it and feel the benefits yourself.

Home remedies for gas, acidity and constipation: Friends, when there is stomach pain or any kind of problem. And when there is gas, that gas causes a lot of pain in the stomach, indigestion, inflammation of the stomach, many stomach related problems like constipation.

Stomach gas problem

If gas is formed in the stomach and does not come out, the chain does not fall, in this condition, whenever gas occurs, you can get rid of stomach gas quickly by doing this remedy. Stomach gas occurs when digestion begins after eating.

When this gas cannot leave the body, the stomach begins to feel heavy, and stomach cramps also occur. Many people find this problem worse at night, after a few minutes after eating at night, they also start feeling heavy in the stomach.

To get rid of gas problem

Stomach also gets bloated in such condition, whenever there is gas problem first thing to get rid of it is to take hing, as hing is hot in nature so it relieves stomach pain instantly.

To get rid of gas, first heat ghee and fry asafoetida in it, after frying take it off the gas, add little salt and lemon juice and stir it properly. If mixed properly it will become an axis cure for gas and should be consumed after meals.

Get rid of constipation

People suffering from chronic constipation should heat a glass of water and add half a teaspoon of castor beans to it and consume it before going to bed at night.

This remedy can also be done in the morning by people who wake up early in the morning. After waking up early in the morning, he should drink this water on an empty stomach, it cleans the stomach properly.

Relief in acidity

Milk and sugar are the best remedies to overcome the problem of acidity. Milk contains elements like salts and calcium.

Dissolving it in milk and drinking it reduces acidity, people who suffer from sour belching should also drink this milk. It gives immediate relief.

Doing this remedy gives immediate benefits, along with doing this remedy it is also necessary to maintain a balanced diet. Eating too much heavy food, spicy, fried, cheese like things should also be avoided in the diet. So that digestive related problems never arise.

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