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ફક્ત એકવાર સમજી લો વાત, પિત્ત , અને કફ વિશે. દરેક રોગનું મૂળ હોય છે આ ત્રણ વસ્તુ

  Just understand once about vata, pitta, and kapha. These three things are the root of every disease

1. Causes of gas irritation

Stopping any natural fast, eating too much, exposing oneself, talking loudly, working outside the yard, traveling a lot in vehicles, eating spicy, tura and lukha un, worrying too much, cohabiting with women, jumping, fasting, cold substances. Ingestion, lamentation, the eruption of Vayu at the arrival of rain.

What kind of diseases occur in the body when there is an outbreak of gas

Stiffness of the skin and muscles, stiffness, pricking or needle-like pain, colic, blackness of the van, stiffness of the body, paralysis, hindrance of movement, deafness, coldness, restlessness, anger, upset stomach, flatulence, etc. are caused by the anger of Vayu. is

Remedies to Summon Vayu Rage

Consuming heavy, slightly hot, strong, salty, sour and oily substances like ghee, sun exposure, cold water bath, oil massage, basti, champi, lime plaster, snehan, svedan, sayan, sack, niru, basti etc. Convection of air takes place

2. Causes of biliousness

Eating pungent, sour, salty, hot and irritating astringent substances, consumption of alcohol, anger, fever, consumption of fire, fear, aggression, diet of sweet vegetables, consumption of salty substances, indigestion, starvation, gluttony, And after the rainy season, pitta flares up

What diseases occur in the body when pitta flares up

Perspiration, burning, redness, stench, wetness, regurgitation of food eaten, sedus, emaciation, gibberish, fainting, dizziness, jaundice are the disorders of deranged bile.

Remedies to Summon Pitta Fury

Consumption of bitter, bitter, bitter juices, cold wind, consumption of cold substances, cold shade, consumption of water, moon rays, green gardens, consumption of pleasant gardens, light, vrechan, sprinkling of water, consumption of milk products, cold lapo etc. calm the bile. is

3. Causes of Kapha irritation

Causes of Kapha irritation are sleeping during the day, eating cold food, eating too much food, eating heavy things like fish, meat, rice, urad, ghee etc., lying down, jaggery, sugar, sugarcane, curd, buttermilk, butter, ghee products, sticky things, ice cream. , drinking too much jalapeno, and cold drinks provokes phlegm in spring.

What diseases arise in the body when Kapha flares up

Whiteness of the skin, plumpness of the body, growth of mucus, phlegm, breath, fat deposits, itching, swelling, lumps, laziness, growth of meadows, mental disorders etc. are caused by Kapha.

Remedies to relieve cough irritation

Kapha is alleviated by diet of lukha, saline, tura, bitter and acrid substances, increased exertion, exercise, fasting, short diet, war, wrestling, awakening, sports, yoga, taking heat, taking steam, walking a lot, boiling, etc.

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વાત પિત્ત અને કફ વિશેની માહિતી અહીં થી વાંચો ગુજરાતી મા

So here the diseases that occur in the body are due to pitta and kapha which are the causes and the necessary measures to bear them are given here. If the information is good then don’t forget to share

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