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Samudra Seema Darshan

Samudra Seema Darshan: Now a new place to visit in Gujarat: Samudra Seema Darshan can be done in Kutch. People of Gujarat are very fond of traveling. On holidays and vacations, they love to travel to new places. We have come with the news of a new place to visit in Gujarat. Which is sea view.

Samudra Seema Darshan is the first tourist destination in India launched in Gujarat. In which the tourists will be able to see the seashore near the international border and also benefit from boat riding.

Samudra Seema darshan

Sea sighting can be done in the Nakhi Nala area near Koteshwar Tirthdham.

“Kutch Nahi Dekha To Kuch Nahi Dekha” is a well known slogan of tourism. A new sight has been added to Kutch for tourism purpose. For the first time on the coast of Gujarat, Samudra Seema Darshan has been started in Lucky Nala area near Koteshwar Tirthdham in Kutch district. Samudra Seema Darshan has given the green light and started the first boat ride in the Lucky Nala area.

આને પણ વાંચો : આ છે ગુજરાતમાં આવેલ સૌથી શ્રેષ્ઠ હિલ સ્ટેશન. ગોવા સીમલા મસુરી કરતા પણ બેસ્ટ લોકેશન જુઓ અહીંથી

International sea border sighting.

Our Gujarat has both land border and sea border with the country of Pakistan. After Nadabet in Bhusi, Gujarat Tourism has now planned to develop the international border near Sir Creek in the Gulf of Kutch as a border tourism destination through the Samudra Seema Darshan project.

On this occasion, the Minister said that the tourists coming to Kutch can get various information about the international sea border of India and Pakistan as well as get acquainted with the work of our BSF soldiers who are on duty here, sea border sighting has been started for the first time in India.

The ban was till today.

The Lakinala area near Koteshwar Tirthdham in Kutch district which was a restricted area for tourists till today but from now on that area has been opened for tourists. And here the Samudri Seema Darshan new project has been launched. Through this project, tourists will also be able to take advantage of boat rides in the sea area connecting the international border of India and Pakistan and thus a new adventure tourism initiative is going to be started.

આને પણ વાંચો દ્વારકા જિલ્લામાં સિગ્નેચર બ્રિજ તૈયાર હવે ઓખા થી બેટ દ્વારકા જઈ શકાશે કાર મારફતે. જુઓ બ્રિજનો અદભુત વિડીયો

The boat ride will be operated by Merry Time Board.

It is worth mentioning that this boat ride will be managed by the Maritime Board. At present, different boats like 6 seater, 12 seater and 20 seater have been allocated for bottle riding. Out of which a 6-seater bottle has been made operational for tourists at the spot. While doing the boat riding, this boat ride will be done keeping in mind the time of high tide.

Many attractions will also be developed in the coming time.

A boat ride has been started as part of Bodar Tourism in which officials and tourists enjoyed boat riding in decorated boats in Nakchi Nada. Now tourists will get this benefit under Samudri Seema Darshan. In the near future, this place will be developed including a floating jetty, Kutchi Bhunga. In the coming time, Lakinala will now be developed attractive plots including marine center, Kutchi Bhunga.


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Samudra Seema Darshan has been started in which district of Gujarat?

In Kutch district

Samudra Seema Darshan has been started in which area of ​​Kutch district of Gujarat?

In Lucky Nala area near Koteshwar

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